Indie gift ideas for dog owners

gift ideas for dog owners helen penny

Not sure what to buy for that dog-crazed goon you know this Christmas?

I've done all the hard work and put together a few gift ideas you could give them (..or me).

All of the items are from small indie brands or artists and would make really unique, thoughtful gifts that are unlikey to be given by anyone else.

Shop small this Christmas! Put your hard-earned money to good use and support someone's dream, pay someone's rent or feed someone's kids/dogs, rather than funding another glass of fizz on a CEO's yacht.

  1. Social Circle Patch by Stay Home Club, $15

  2. Best Bae BFF necklace & Collar Tag Set by Hello Harriet, £25

  3. Staffordshire Dog Collar Pins by Buried Diamond, £13

  4. I Don't Give a Shih Tzu Patch by Zee Dog, £5

  5. Pet Photography Session with Rachel Oates

  6. Custom Dog Portrait Pillow by Helen Penny, £145

  7. Pug Patch by Helen Penny, £7

  8. Tell UR Dog I Think He's Cute Tote Bag by Hello Harriet, £13

  9. Pads Before Lads Patch by Finest Imaginary, £6

  10. Stiped Dog TeePee by Dog and TeePee, £63

  11. Wonky Pet Portrait by Faye Moorhouse, £80

  12. Issue 3 of DOG Magazine, £13

  13. Ruff Day Patch by Hello DODO, £6

  14. Only Dog Can Judge Me Patch by Kodiak Milly, £7

  15. Doggo Club Screen Print by Léa Maupetit, 75

Next week I'll be posting a gift guide for some ideas of what to get the dogs themselves, because dogs are people too...