Stylish gifts ideas for dogs

stylish gift ideas for dogs 2

Dog accessories can often be practical, bland and boring. As a designer, I am a fussy kind of fellow and refuse to compromise on style.

I've scoured the interweb to find some of the coolest pieces that would be perfect to pop in your dog's Christmas stocking this year.

  1.  Grid Dog Blanket by Pipolli, $40

  2.  Watermelon Collar by Zee Dog, from £9
  3.  Party Glitter Bow Tie by Pup Tart, £8
  4.  FOODIE Collar Charm by Growlees, £10
  5.  Little Monster Dog Hat by All You Need Is Pug, £21
  6.  George's Gingerbread Bones Dog Treats by Fetch & Follow, £3
  7.  Free Hugs Collar Tag by Hello Harriet, £12
  8.  Moonstruck Chambray Rope Lead by Notyers, $50
  9.  Orchid dog bandana by The Foggy Dog, $28
  10.  Custom Dog Portrait Pillow by Helen Penny, £145
  11.  Hustle Reversible Pet Bed by Fuzzyard, £40
  12.  Canvas Pet Tote by Love Thy Beast, $160

  13.   Flamingo Toy by Love Thy Beast, $22

  14.  MILO marble Dog Bowl by Ful-l, €89

  15.  Grid Colourblock Dog Sweater by Bauhound, $55

Please do leave a comment if you know of any other stylish dog brands! I am always on the lookout.

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