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I often get asked: how much does it cost to own a dog?

This has been an expensive month. I have spent more money on my dog this month than I have on myself all year. (Definitely a lie, but it sounds good). Granted, she has been really poorly and had a lot of unexpected veterinary treatment, but general living costs of a dog do add up and it's an easy amount to underestimate.

I have done the sums and I've been completely transparent about the money I have spent on my pug this year. I thought it might be useful if you're looking to get a dog; I'll leave it to you to decide if you are willing to pay the price...


1. Food

  • Wet food - £16.60
  • Dry food - £4.25
  • Treats - £3

Total per month: £23.85

Per year: £286.20


2. Insurance

I pay £51.97 a month; pricey because my pug is 7 years old. It increases each year as your dog grows older. The type of claims you make also influence the price.

Make sure you get 'life cover' insurance and pay close attention to the pay out limits. I would recommend Petplan as they have a great reputation for paying out quickly with no problems.

Per year: £623.64

Think you don't need insurance? Think again... read on if you dare...


3. Vet bills

Over the last 12 months:

  • Mast cell tumour biopsy + investigation - £501.95
  • Tumour consultation with specialist + ultrasound  - £1016.21
  • Mast cell tumour removal with specialist - £1934.30
  • Corneal ulcer treatment - £224.40
  • Corneal ulcer treatment + diarrhoea - £251.26
  • Skin fold infection - £51.50
  • Sickness - £52.84
  • Annual vaccination - £55
  • Flea treatment - £120
  • Worming - £20

Get good pet insurance plz. 

Luckily I have a really good pet insurance policy and they cover most treatment, but you still have to pay an excess. You wouldn't claim for the cheaper bits and bobs (i.e. consultations/flea treatment/vaccination) unless the total amount is higher than your excess (mine is £95).

Per year: £4237.46

- £3523.86 (insurance pay out)

= £713.60


4. The extra bits...

  • Dog car seat - £55
  • Dog bed - £12.99
  • Lead - £12
  • Harness - £22
  • Dog bowl x 2 - £12
  • Toys - £25
  • Toothbrush/paste - £7.50
  • Ear wash - £5
  • Face wipes - £6
  • Dog fleece - £35
  • Cooling mat - £15
  • Poo bags - £20

Per year: £227.49


Cost of owning my pug for one year: £1850.93

Jesus, that's upsetting.

Of course, this depends on how much you want to spoil your dog. I'm quite stingy and deprive my pug of excessive treats/toys/clothes.

There's also the potential of £360+ a year on grooming appointments, should you choose that option. I opt for a DIY style to save on these costs (and because she DETESTS the groomers), but it is a bit of a faff.

So you could end up spending a lot more... 


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How much it costs to own a pug helen penny
Helen Penny

Helen Penny is an illustrator, maker & pug owner from Bournemouth, UK

She is interested in petting dogs & exploring the impact they have on society

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