How a house share could be the answer to your problems as a dog owner


I had broken up with my boyfriend and needed to move out ASAP. Finding somewhere half-decent to live as a single 20-something with a dog proved tricky.

The stars aligned when I came across a fun house share (✔), by the sea (✔) that was home to ANOTHER PUG ( ✔✔✔). We moved in and never looked back.

Living with another dog-owner has been the perfect solution to some of the problems that we have both faced as single dog-parents. I feel so grateful to have found some of the most helpful housemates on the planet.

Here's why this living situation works for us...

1. Shared responsibility

Walks, feeds and wee-break galore. Sharing the responsibilities that come with owning a dog is vital in order to maintain some sort of normal human life.

In a house share, someone is always about to help if you have to work late, want to stay out for that extra pint, or are so hungover you can't see.

2. Social life

Welcome to guilt-free socialising.

If you have found yourself sharing digs with a lot of housemates, there will probably always be someone in to keep your dog company whilst you're out and about having a grand olde time. Even better.. if you move into a house with another dog, your pups can be best friends and entertain each other forever more. 

3. Free dog-sitting 

I'm lucky to have a dual-owner kinda set-up; I take care of my housemate's dog whilst she works away and she returns the favour.

So have that weekend away, hell, book that full-blown holiday if you like. You'll never have to say no to those last-minute 'sleepovers' again...

4. Moral support

Sometimes being a dog-parent is hard. If your dog is unwell, you're having trouble training them, or you just need some advice about which dental chews to try: two heads are better than one. It's always nice to get a second opinion on things.

5. Love is all around

Everybody loves dogs (all the cool bodies, anyway) and dogs love people... all parties happy!

Just make sure you find some lovely housemates that will put up with all of the extra fur, fluids and farts...

Helen Penny

About the Author

Helen Penny is an illustrator, maker & pug owner from Bournemouth, UK

She is interested in petting dogs & exploring the impact they have on society

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