5 uses for a custom pet portrait pillow

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I can't quite believe that I've made hundreds of custom pet-portrait pillows for customers all over the world.

These pillows make seem like a novelty item, but these bespoke pieces can serve a few different purposes.

Here's an idea of what you could use yours for...

1. Fun gift for a dog / cat owner

What better way to beat the gift-game, than with a huggable doppelgänger of their one true love? A custom pillow of their very own pet will certainly make an impact when they tear through that wrapping paper.

2. Cuddle companion when your pet ain't feelin' it

Hostile cat? Grumpy dog? Cuddle your pet-portrait pillow instead of them. Better still, cuddle it infront of them and make that asshole jealous.

3. Pet memorial

These pillows are soft. They're made from velvet which makes them incredibly tactile and impossible not to hug. Because of this, they can be comforting when your dog or cat is no longer around. Purched on your sofa, bed or desk chair, they're a lovely reminder of the best friend you lost, keeping their spirit alive for years to come.

We keep thinking George is actually here it’s that good. It sounds stupid, but having something to hug that looks like him has been really nice. Thank you Helen, I will treasure it
— ZabbyAllen.com
Honestly thank you so much for creating these pillows! I purchased mine right after my dog passed away and it has brought so much comfort
— Jasmine, USA

4. Loneliness buster

If you work away a lot, travel, or are spending time in hospital, you're probably going to miss your pet. Taking a hand-crafted pet pillow with you is so much better than looking at a photo on a screen. Take them around the world, to that fancy restaurant, or on a submarine under the sea... the possibilities are endless. Make sure you send me a photo!

I LOVE my pillow pup! It looks just like a miniature version of my dog, but the best thing is, I can take her with me everywhere I go. I travel a lot for work, so I put my pillow in my bag and head off and, of course, take tonnes of pictures along the way. It’s a great way to always have my best friend with me even when she can’t be there.
— Gina, USA

5. Freak out your pet/Mum/unsuspecting victim

These pet pillows can be a lot of fun. Customers have been in touch to share that they have had conversations with their pillow before realising their mistake. Dogs have growled at them and cats have done a second-take. See if you can catch someone out with yours...

Custom pet portrait pillows are bespoke pieces that are illustrated & crafted by hand.

Each design is carefully considered; I'll discuss your order with you in detail, requesting a variety of photos & a description of your pet's character in order to capture their personality.

Find out more and buy yours here.

About the Author

Helen Penny is a gap-toothed illustrator, maker & pug owner from Bournemouth, UK

She is interested in petting dogs & exploring the impact they have on society


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